"What's going on my dedicated bros? It's-a me, Luigikid!"
―Luigikid in every video.

René Wurz (born October 23, 1995), or better known for his online name: Luigikid or Luigikid Gaming is an Austrian gaming YouTuber and fitness instructor with (as of 10th May, 2017) 380K+ subscribers. Ever since January 2014, his channel has been growing in popularity from his gaming videos with games like Sonic.exe, Remember.exe and many more. As of late May of 2017, he has made 1,211+ videos for his huge audience.


René started his channel on 31st July, 2007. He kicked off his channel with a video called 'Super-Cena-Mario My Time is now'. This video shows Mario dancing to John Cena's Theme. Later in the year, he starts uploading YTPS (YouTube Poops) to his account. The first one he has uploaded is called YouTube Poop: Bomb em' all.

Luigikid works with indie developers and promotes their games. He helps upcoming game developers by playing the games that are provided to him and giving his input on the creation. He is mostly known for giving hilarious reactions to horror games. Most of the horror games he plays are a type of horror called .exe games. This rooted from the infamous .exe game: Sonic.exe.


Luigikid's 2nd Theme, no longer used.

This is Luigikid's second theme before he started having no music at the start of his videos.


Luigikid's first old theme used in 2013. When Luigikid first played Sonic.exe on his channel on July 17, 2013, he used a different theme than the one he is most recognised for.


Unlike many other gaming youtubers who have a confusing and crazy personality, Luigikid is rather calm and occasionally resorts to jokes. When he is angry or something shocking happens in the game he's playing however, he starts to yell. Overall, Luigikid has a very unique and interesting personality.


Second ChannelEdit

Main article is at Luigikid German.

On 24th May, 2016, Luigikid launched a new channel called Luigikid German. This channel is where he speaks his primary language: German. He mainly posts vlogs and gaming videos for his German/Austrian audience to enjoy.